Sari Stripping

Follow the pictures below from top to bottom explaining how to wrapping a sari around your body. For stripping a sari, you follow the pictures from bottom to top.

Indian dating services

Now that I got your attention, let me tell you why you should date Indians.


  • they have one of the oldest cultures in the world
  • Indians have a rich culture of matchmaking
  • Indian dressing is the most sexy in the world, both Indian men and women!
  • more and more Indians learn US English, showing their interest for westerners or western lifestyle is on the rise
  • UK has lot of Indian Eurasians who want some match making done for them

Now where do you find the most Indian singles dating on one online Asian dating site? At this moment Shaadi online dating site has the most Indian dating personals. Now that can change if you sign up now for our totally free personals!

Although India is renowned for their match making, the more wealthy younger Indian singles are looking for into new methods of meeting their soul mates.

How exciting are Indians?

Dating Indians is pretty exciting as they are the inventors of spiciness.

Deepika Padukone in bikini showcasing Indian spiciness

One thing you do need to know about Indian people is: when they shake their head, it can mean yes or know, but you are not allowed to just pick the answer you like the most! It’s sometimes a yes and sometimes a no! Apart from that you will love dating Indians.

Although match making by Indian parents is still a common practice, you will also find Indian singles speed dating or meeting in social places like festivals, bars and pubs.

Indian women like lots of other women in Asia are much more independent than western girls. Yes, you beter get scared!

And it’s not because Indian women stick to their traditional clothing, they can also dress up like any western woman: just compare the 2 pictures above and below from Bollywood actress and former Miss India Tanushree Dutta.

Why we take Tanushree Dutta as an example? well, you might think because she is a former Miss India, she is just a doll in a bikini. To prove you wrong, Tanushree Dutta is sewing an online website big time for placing her in a bikini clad photograph quoting, “She is yours for Rs. ****** a night.” We don’t give the exact figure, as that’s even a bigger insult on the insult already made.

So for all men involved in dating online Asians: the period of silent and obedient Asian women is a far cry from reality!

How beautiful are Indian girls?

As you know, many of the Indian girls become Miss Universe. And according to Maxim, Indian long haired girl Deepika Padukone is the hottest girl in the world:

 How to find your Indian match?

The first thing you to create your own profile.

  • Then you start searching for singles personals in your chosen criteria.
  • Once you find somebody you like, you can communicate with them through email or start chatting immediately when your new date is online.

And now with Obama being the new president of the US, race is no longer an issue!

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