Picking up Japanese women in Hawaii

5 tips to pickup Japanese women in Hawaii or anywhere else for that matter, so you will enjoy your holidays and before you know it, you will marry the girl of your dreams!

Chatting on the Internet I got asked how to pick up Japanese women in Hawaii. The chatter was on holiday in Hawaii and well, for all the beautiful Hawaiian girls out there, he wanted to pick up Japanese women.


Because he found Japanese girls utterly beautiful and was in for a holiday date in stead of getting committed to a local Hawaiian girl. When you ask me, he must have been “scared to mess with the locals”

Other than that: why would he be chatting online in the first place when he wants to date Japanese women? Maybe he was just after any girl and because I used “konitshiwa” as my chatting opening phrase, he must have imagined I was Japanese…

5 tips for picking up Japanese women (in Hawaii)

  1. Be attentive and focus on the girl: the chatter above listened to my “Japanese greeting” and used it to open a conversation about dating Japanese, how he wished to date one… So far so good.
  2. Be honest: again in the example of the chatter above: why would you go to Hawaii, get online and then start looking for Japanese girls? Obviously he just used his interest in Japanese girls as a pretext to start a conversation with me. Obviously, he didn’t get far after that…
  3. Be prepared: when Japanese women are what you are looking for, then dive a bit deeper into the Japanese culture and language. Ideally, enroll in a Japanese language (holiday) course. Knowing a few words in Japanese surely will get their attention, especially when these Japanese girls don’t master the English language well.
  4. An ideal pick up line to start a conversation: ask for help! With your Japanese course in hand, just approach any Japanese lady and ask her for help (how to pronounce something or how to read something is the most obvious). If you manage to invite her for lunch, make sure to pick an Asian restaurant so you can ask her to show her how you properly hold chopsticks. If she is willing to put the chopsticks in your hand, you are about to make physical contact without further ado.
  5. Get yourself a male Japanese accomplish. Then start looking for Japanese girls “in distress” when they fail to express themselves well in English. It’s there where your Japanese friends can help them out. Of course your Japanese friend sooner or later will be “in a hurry to leave”, so you are left with guiding the Japanese girls around further.

Just enjoy the fun of conversation when trying to pick up Japanese women in Hawaii: you are in paradise already.

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