Online Dating Tips

Learn these online dating tips by heart so you will easily find the girl of your dreams on the Internet.

Remember the movie “You’ve Got Mail” starred by Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks? Then you must have been dreaming to find your soulmate in a similar way. The Internet is the easiest place to get acquainted to more than a billion of people with the click of your mouse. How to find your match becomes much easier when you follow these 4 rules of thumb…

1. Find a good dating website

Good actually means you should be able to find whom you are looking for. The latest trend is dating sites that cater for a specific niche like: age, overweight people, same religion, race, origin and even hobbies like doglovers.

Most of these sites are new, which could mean that choices are not as many. But here it’s all about quality: the filtering is already done by the criteria the niche site is made for.

Then there are the old, established dating sites with lots of choices. Most of them aren’t free, so look for a site that has a try out period before you commit. Make sure there is a possibility for email and chat and check out how up to date the site is: when personals are online and reachable at the time you are visiting, that’s always a good sign.

Before you pay, do look for feedback about the dating site of your choice. If you don’t find page after page talks about scams, chances are big you will get value for what you pay for and find whom you are looking for.

2. Make them a profile they can’t refuse…

Here is where most people do a poor job: you have been looking for a long time to find a good site, you are getting tired, you just fill in a few words about yourself, upload the first picture you find on your computer and you hope for the best.

Nothing happens…

Your profile has to stand out and pretty much explain who you are and what people can expect when contacting you. Make sure that what they see is fun: not many people are attracted by negative sob stories, and the ones that do are supposed to be shrinks, not future dates.

Make is short, sweet and simple: pictures say more than a 1000 words, so add:

  • a picture in close up (make sure to show your eyes),
  • a picture at work or when studying (so people know what you do for a living),
  • a picture doing what you do best (your hobby, sport…) and very importantly:
  • a picture with your friends having fun.

You want to portray yourself as a person that’s fun to be with. Always try to use a bit of humor and most importantly: add something mysterious that will attract curiosity and make people want to ask you questions.

Keep it short though, people who want to read long stories are more likely to be found in a library…

Johnny123 is really a missed opportunity… Your username will be one of the first words that get noticed in your profile, so think about something that stands out, is funny and does say something about you: BradPitsPrettierBrother says it all…

3. Make the first move

If your profile follows the tips mentioned above, you will get reactions already. When you reach out, you simply increase your chances and since you are on a dating site: everybody is at ease by being approached. Make sure to start with a short and catchy heading, show prove that you read the profile, that you are interested to learn more and keep it short and flirty.

Use the dating site to your advantage to practice your dating skills: don’t put all the effort in that 1 profile that you love, divide your attention to more as it will make you less stressed out and your fun and playful site can take over. It’s about flirting: making the other person comfortable that you like her and that there are things in you that she might like as well.

4. Your first date offline

Always meet in a public place, preferably a place where you can talk in peace or if you share hobbies, a place where you can practice your hobby (a bowling alley, a museum), of course a restaurant is the easiest pick.

Do tell your friend and or family you are meeting somebody you met on the Internet, in case something happens: you never know who you will meet online, so always be prepared for the worst yet hope for the best.

Since you have learned about each other already online, it shouldn’t be too difficult to agree on a place where to meet and what to do there. Make sure you dress up well, be a gentleman (open doors, order food or give suggestions, give a hand when climbing stairs…) and keep it fun and relaxed.

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