Nanpa Japanese video

Our nanpa Japanese video shows 2 Caucasian guys trying to pick up 2 cute gorgeous Japanese women in the street. Of course without much of success unless you are happy with Japanese girls giggling away and not explaining you why…

What is nanpa?

Nanpa is a Japanese type of flirting and seducing among Japanese teens and tweens.

What makes nanpa more difficult than any other way of picking up women is that it is done all in the open on busy streets or other well frequented public places.

How to nanpa?

Have a look at this nanpa video to see how it is not done: rule number 1 is stay put at a good location!

Young Japanese men are standing at the edge of a corner, street, train station, parking lot or shopping mall entrance and watch women passing by.

When the men see “a catch”, he just walks onto the Japanese girl and invites her for a drink or a karaoke. When done well nanpa can end up between the man getting a promise for a second date and a visit to a so called Japanese love hotel…

Japanese love hotel

Japanese love hotels don’t leave anything to your imagination and are exactly what they promise: a place to make love in 3 price categories:

  • shorts stays,
  • longer stays and
  • overnight stays.

Don’t think only time is of importance: some of these Japanese love hotels offer luxury that goes behind your wildest dreams.

If you see Japanese movies showing rice-paper walls and especially tiny rooms, these Japanese love hotels are ideal to escape from your tiny apartment where most likely your family and neighbours are spying on you.

What makes it further the best hotel to make the love of your wildest dreams is: discretion. There is no person to greet you in the love hotel lobby. All you see is a large room menu on the wall.

If a picture of a room is lit up, the room is available.

If you like what you see in the picture, you press the button next to it. You hand your money to a faceless person behind dark glass who will return you a key.

You can find Japanese love hotels all over Japan although the most famous are the Tokyo love hotels.

So far we didn’t find any nanpa Japanese video ending up in a love hotel though…

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