Japanese Bath Girl

What would you say to a Japanese bath girl? Whatever you say, make sure it is:

  • appropriate and especially
  • in the Japanese language.

Dating Japanese girls

Dating Japanese girls will be much more successful when you speak a few words Japanese and know the basics of Japanese culture.

Alligato” means thank you, and if you visualize yourself an always polite alligator, you will remember alligato for the rest of your life. How easy was that!

Using this fun and easy memory visualization method, you will be able to speak and remember 100 words in 1 hour or (don’t ask me about the maths…) 815 Japanese words in 1 week.

815 words should be enough to keep your conversation going from the time you are in the bath with your Japanese girl, until you bring her home after dinner.

Make sure to look for the Speak Japanese Fast trial before you buy offer of $4.95 only, including Free bonuses to learn Japanese more profound. These free gifts will come in handy once your Japanese dating reaches the next level.

How to date a Japanese girl

Before you jump into a bath filled with Japanese girls, make sure to memorize this checklist about how to date Japanese girls:

Meet Japanese girls anywhere else than in public baths. Try a ‘nomikai‘. I told you to grab your Speak Japanese Fast course first.

  • nomikai is a party attended by friends or co workers. This is where your friends will drag you in order to meet friends of their friends.
  • nomikai will most likely take place in an izakaya. Just admit, how much more romantic when you can add some Japanese words in your vocabulary whilst dating Japanese girls.
  • The izakai is just a bar or a cafe. But what do you do when you don’t have Japanese friends nor co-workers to help you out?

As usual, all you need you can find online. Go to our Asian dating personals or go to any other online Japanese dating service to find Japanese girls.

Lots of Japanese girls are actually looking for Caucasian and African American men to date, and the easiest place to find people worldwide is still through online dating.

Although Asian girls are portrayed to be very obedient, Asian girls are likely to do what they want. This is especially true for Japanese girls that have studied outside of Japan already.

Having said so, do know that Japanese girls still place a lot of value on family life. Japanese girls are brought up to show respect for elderly, others and show humility.

Therefore when dating a Japanese girl, you need to step up and know what to do. Also know that when you don’t ask a Japanese girl whether she has already a boyfriend or not, she most likely won’t tell you spontaneously. And like any women, also Japanese girls do appreciate courtesy.

Checklist when dating Japanese girls

  1. learn to say a few things in her language
  2. be attentive: fill her glass when you realize it is getting empty
  3. ask questions in order to know her total personality: it’s so easy to dream away when looking in their beautiful eyes, but remember you want to have another date after this one! So work on it: find out what she likes and dislikes
  4. use modern gadgets like your cellphone, of course related to something funny about you like some funny pictures. Remember funny pictures or pictures that tell a story about you, no pictures about your latest girlfriend!
  5. don’t stop with this checklist: keep creative and full of initiative.

Once you manage to get through the whole dating checklist and you manage to get a few dates organized with your Japanese girlfriend, only then you can start thinking about taking her to a bath

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