How to write an online dating profile

Get many replies after putting up your dating profile when you follow our proven techniques telling you how to write an online dating profile.

In short: to write an amazing profile you need to:

  • be honest
  • show fun and passion
  • put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to date online
  • write as if you are talking to your date in real life
  • add recent pictures that show you in different situations you love.

We will explain below how your profile can stand out in online dating websites but first a word about passion.

What does passion mean?

Don’t simply state what you do but:

  • write about what you love,
  • write about those things that drive and motivate you.

For example:

Every day I bring a smile on people’s face without them even knowing it

sounds much better than:

I am a postman…

5 online dating tips to get a date after people read your online dating profile

1. Make sure to show emotions, motivation, passion and feelings

Always add feelings when you talk about the things you do.

For example:

When I was in Malaysia last year, I visited as much open air food stalls as possible. It’s fun lining up and asking the people in the queue what they are going to order and why. Food stalls are ideal to taste many new and delicious dishes. And I learned that Malaysians are even more passionate about food than I am.

Reading this online dating profiles like above, you immediately start picturing what it would be like to travel with this person who is:

  • adventurous,
  • loves food obviously and
  • is not afraid to get acquainted with the locals.

Your profile needs to create an emotional connection, which doesn’t work when you would simply write: I love to travel and to eat.

Write a story and give an example how life with you looks like. People do want to see what type of a person you are. And they will learn when you write about the typical things you do.

2. Be funny

Again: give a funny example and don’t just write in your profile that you are funny. Worse: don’t say that all your friends think you are funny… Your profile is about you, not about your friends!

Don’t be a clown (unless that’s what you are) but try to put a smile on the reader’s face. Smiles always attract people when dating.

3. Add recent pictures

And we do mean more than one picture.

Always remember the expression : “love at first sight”. This expression clearly explains that an online dating profile with a picture has a head start compared to personals without pictures.

Be honest with your pictures. They have to be:

  • recent
  • up close and
  • clear.

Men and women do love to see :

  • your eyes
  • your face and…
  • your body.

Tell a story with your pictures: not any story but a story that will attract your potential date. A story in which your potential date can see him or herself:

  • having fun with you or
  • having a great time with you.

Most likely you won’t find a classy date when you show a picture of yourself boozing away in your favorite pub with all your drinking friends…

A better story would be in our “Malaysian example” when you add a picture of yourself in front of the 5 different dishes you just ordered on your trip to Malaysia.

So do go through all your pictures and add pictures:

  • that show your face clearly
  • pictures that showcase you doing your favorite hobbies
  • pictures that tell a story about who you are in different situations.

For example my dating profile, in stead of just my picture from above:

Example of my complete dating profile pictures from topleft clockwise:

  • my passion for traveling around towns wherever the subway can take me
  • my passion for food: you can see immediately what is missing: a good companion to share my lunch with
  • my favorite hobby: reading in the park (close-up of my face, nothing blocking my mouth and no sunglasses in front of the eyes)
  • my office look and a view outside my office

As in the above pictures: show all different sides from who you are (and to do even better than me: add a picture from head to toe as well or mention that you will send that once asked).

Of course make sure that whatever you write in your online dating profile does match your pictures. (If you picture yourself reading a book, you could write what book or which magazines you are reading these days.)

4. Don’t brag

Bragging is a turn off in dating profiles. A turn on is showing your confidence though. Highlight your best points but stay humble and add some fun where possible.

For example:

I have worked hard in my life to be where I am now. Hard because I fell a few times and needed to do better after I got up again. Success for me means having the freedom to do what I like… which is having time to hang out with you on a date.

5. Be honest

Suppose you write your dating profile as if you are Mister Wonderful of Miss Congeniality. The first thing that will happen when you meet online people who are not honest is :

  • all you expected about your date is completely wrong and
  • your date will go wrong: a complete waste of time.

The idea of writing Internet dating profiles is:

  • to be contacted immediately and
  • to let people form an opinion about you.

When you are like what you write in your profile, the person who is going to contact you already has an idea of what to expect and what not.

Your profile is designed to help people form an opinion about you. Written honestly and following the dating tips we mentioned above, your profile will entice others to contact you immediately.

People contact the authors of dating profiles because:

  • your profile expresses your personality
  • they are looking for your kind of personality and
  • they already have clues and idea about what they can start a conversation about with you.

Just be honest, so you and the person contacting you will have it easier “to take it from there”.

Writing an online dating profile summarized

The more you write in your online dating profile, the easier it becomes for others to decide to contact you.

Online dating is very competitive. That’s why:

  • you do need to know how to write an honest yet impressive online dating profile,
  • you do need to invest the time and energy necessary to create your great profile.

Now you know how to write a successful profile that will get many answers, it’s time you subscribe to dating sites so you will proof yourself how easy you can get an online date.

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