How to Take a Good Profile Picture

Get more dates after you master these easy yet effective profile picture ideas that will teach you how to take a good profile picture.

Profile Picture Ideas

Attract More (Wo)men To Your Profile By Using This One Simple Strategy: the Killer Dating Profile Picture.

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Before you dive into the gritty details lets tell you the basics:

  1. Dating isn’t rocket science, if it was: we would all be living on the moon or the human race would have vanished from the entire planet already ? Dating is easy, once you follow the easy steps we will layout. All you need to do is apply them in your online dating profile.
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LESSON 1 : Your killer profile picture

Worst case scenario: you don’t put up a picture, what will happen? Not much really… no picture means little attention, little to no visual attraction and mostly no messages, no emails… you get the idea.

If you are a guy, which girls do you want to pick when dating online? The ones with the most seductive pictures will get your attention first, wouldn’t it? Ever went for a profile without a picture?

Exactly: you need a picture, whether you are a guy or a girl: no profile picture means you must think that you look bad. And nobody want’s to date an insecure person with a low self esteem.

So Do You Need a Profile Picture? : YES!

Not a cool profile picture if…

If it is too good to be true, then most likely it isn’t true: don’t steal cool profile pictures from celebrities!

Your best profile picture

Ok, you don’t look like celebrities: your not Brad Pitt nor Angelina Jolie… how do you make up for that?

Still take off your shirt and show some skin? Nope! Unless one of your hobbies is snorkeling or diving, keep your clothes on in your profile picture.

Pose in front of the mirror? Nope! Unless you are an overly fun person, stay away from the “I took myself in front of my mirror” pictures. At least take a selfie.

Ok, some guys will want a bikini picture of you, when you are a girl. Don’t give it to him asap (leave the best for last…let them work for it!) ? You can show yourself in shorts or fashionable evening gown flanked by your friends: always remember whatever picture you share, make sure it won’t come back to bite you.

What will be your best killer profile pictures?

Do note: pictures is plural, post more than 1. E.g. one that shows you in a professional way (at work), one in a fun way (doing what you love to do best) and at least one with your friend(s)!

Make sure all profile pictures are SFL: as in Safe For Love or:

  • Smile
  • Friends
  • Love
  1. Make sure you Smile in your pictures: a smile is the oldest trick in the attraction book, so use it!
  2. Show yourself with your Friends: friends that smile as well and chose the most attractive friends first (male or female, although it helps depicting you next to a gorgeous person from the same sex as the one you want to attract).
  3. Show yourself in activities that you Love and that’s appealing to others: playing sports, traveling, eating, anything that tells something about yourself in a positive way. Show your passion: as passion attracts! Do you have a passion for dogs? Then by all means add an exiting picture of yourself and your dog. Remember: dogs are a man’s best friend, and it is important to show a picture of you with your friends. Your dog will be an ideal icebreaker, especially doglovers are attracted to other doglovers. Similarities that will attract like-minded people!

Your profile pictures have to scream: “I am a happy person with a bunch of happy friends who know how to have a great time, so you better be part of our group!”

Apart from smiling, there are more body language techniques for attracting the other sex, you can buy in the Online Pickup Secrets Ebook. However, learn how to walk before you fly and start with a good smile first.

After you have a killer profile setup, it’s time to boost your self confidence in your next dating lesson… don’t miss it!

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