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Choose your Chiang Mai bride from these 100 selected Thai personals: with translation service, cultural support and a guest house to make your dating successful.

Chiang Mai Dating

Chiang Mai dating is a small Thai dating service run by David & Am: David from England and his Thai bride of 2 years Am (as of this moment of writing in 2010). They so far helped in helping to arrange 3 successful Thai marriages with western men.

Unlike other Asian dating sites offering thousands of dating personals, this small Chiang Mai dating community offers only Thai singles from their local surroundings.

Ping River in Chiang Mai Thailand: “The Rose of the North”, rich in natural beauty and surrounding agricultural lands

Being a local and free service, the Thai singles on offer are only about 100. The good news is, that all 100 are friends of David & Am, so their intentions are sincere. In true Thai tradition, David and Am “don’t want to lose face” and will only introduce you to the right Thai singles.

How does this Thai dating website work?

Dating profile of Thai girl Nairn

Suppose you are looking for Thai brides around the age of 30. You simply select “Our Ladies” in the category women aged between 25 -34.

You then see the Thailand personals one by one, with clear, big pictures and their profile.

Unlike other Thai dating sites where you sign up and can interact with the Thai women dating (for a fee or for free), here:

  • you need to write an email and apply for a “key”,
  • this key will open a feature where you can directly start emailing the woman of your choice.

Again unlike any other Asian dating website, once you ask for a key, you will be able to interact, not only with the Asian women dating, but also with David and Am who will assist you further:

  • introducing you to Thai life, Thai culture and customs
  • help with translating your email if needed
  • let you stay in their guesthouse if you decide to travel to Thailand

Why is this Thai dating site free?

Because David and Am see you as a potential long-term friend and new neighbour, so they act accordingly. The Thai girls they will introduce to you are actually their neighbours. They are familiar with the David & Am’s guesthouse and most of them use their guesthouse’s Internet facilities.

David & Am’s commitment to you:

  • starts when you complete an application and
  • potentially never stops, even after a successful introduction. They will support you to their best ability, answering your questions, acting as ‘cultural go-between’ and translator, whenever you require.

When you love the cool surroundings of Chiang Mai and are interested in Thai brides who are friends of David & Am, I highly recommend this free Thai dating website. Please give David & Am our regards!

Update 26 februari 2014: it seems that David and Am aren’t helping anymore in introducing Thai women to western men. They still do seem to have a guestroom for rent and seem to have teamed up with another guesthouse of which the owners sound Thai.

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