Flirt Tips

Master how to show others you are available and get them interested in a relationship with you, using these proven 7 flirt tips.

Before you start memorizing the 7 tips, do know that flirting is all about giving someone else your full attention without being aggressive. A successful flirt makes the other person feel special and attractive.

First and foremost smile and keep it playful: it’s a game, not an exam! Then make sure to keep it polite, tactful and respectful.

7 tips how to flirt

  • Aim for a conversation, don’t aim to flirt. This is a powerful mindset out of which flirting should result naturally.
  • Keep the conversation easy, simple and fun: as long as the words make perfect sense, you should be good to go.
  • Keep the conversation focused: don’t get distracted by another gorgeous person who just caught your eye. Equally don’t answer your phone nor text: devote yourself to your flirt so he or she feels special.
  • If the person asks questions, by all means keep on answering them. However, if you touch a what you thought of as an interesting subject or hobby the other person is not responding to much (except for some polite questions): discard the subject. Find another topic or better stil, ask questions yourself until the other person keeps on answering. Listening is more important than talking.
  • If you don’t dare to ask for a telephonenumber, give them your calling card. Make sure it has your emailaddress: it’s much easier to write an email than to grab the phone and talk to the stranger you met in the flirt.
  • Don’t expose any needs like: “I am dying to take you out on a date”: go get a life yourself that is rich enough to make you happy and add flirting as a bonus like dining out in a good restaurant is a bonus.
  • Guide the other person to accept touching without it being obvious like giving a hand to lean on when climbing the stairs or giving a hand to a girl wearing high heals when walking over an uneven surface or helping her out of her chair. Other great opportunities are touching the person in order to let them strike a better pose in the game they are doing like holding the bowling ball, the tennis racket, the golf stik or in the picture the cue when playing pool. Touches that are appropriate could work like a charm, however inappropriate have the complete opposite effect. Do observe: if the other person hurries to let go, means you are going way too fast.

If you follow the above flirting tips and you get an equal response, means your flirt is going well and you should ask for a follow up, or open up a way that the other can follow up.

Do know that there are people that flirt because they are:

  • just confident and simply interested in you,
  • flirting all the time with everybody (just notice if you are the only one or not),
  • just mastering the above flirting tips.

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