Dating Thai Women

Do you want to have a Thai wife? Successfully dating Thai women is easier when you go to Thailand after you made your first acquaintances online.

You do need to follow the order stated out above: if you just go to Thailand for the sake of finding Thai girls to date and have fun with, you most likely will end up only having fun: best case scenario.

Of course you can get acquainted with Thai girls in Thailand, just make sure you “do your homework”: dress casually (not like a beer drinking tourist) and on the airplane, make sure you learn as much Thai expressions as you can.

Do know that when landing in Thailand or in your hotel, you will encounter girls that are working for money in the tourism industry. They will be all smiles because at the end of the day, that’s how they earn their salary and support their family, even children, whom they meet once a year when earnings are good.

On the other hand, don’t think you are amazingly popular. Don’t be amazed that every Thai girl will be smiling at you. If you are a bit alert, you will also notice that every Thai man will be smiling at you as well… Don’t get anybody wrong: you are in the land of the eternal smiles, and it has nothing to do with your personality. Thai people just love to greet you with a smile.

How to date Thai women

Make your life easy and go fishing where you know in advance that you will find Thai women who are seeking men: online in Thai or Asian dating sites. Most dating sites will ask you for a fee, but a few will let you sign up for free. You can start to chat or email for free with any other Asian girl who added herself to the Asian online dating personals. Another place to start is Facebook: make friends with people that travel to Thailand, people who study Thai and anybody who lives or stays in Thailand.

In Thailand: action speaks louder than words, so talk less and show more. You assets are your age, your wisdom, your experience and resources. You don’t have to be rich, but if you have a steady income and show that you aren’t spending your money on unnecessary things, then you will catch every Thai girl’s attention.

Add to that smart, casual clothing and a few impressive Thai language sentences, and you will be hooked before you are asking yourself: now what do I do next?

The next step is to visit your Thai girl in Thailand. Rule number 1: show respect for all the differences you will encounter in Thailand and practice your smiling: if you happen not to smile a lot, Thai people will get worried whether you are sick or something else is wrong.

Learn how to say hello in Thai language: “sawadika”, put your hands together, smile and bow each and every time you meet and greet somebody. Add to that some Thai vocabulary that you study in advance or asked your Thai girlfriend to teach you when you were dating her online, and you will be an expert in dating Thai women.

You can read the rest of the Thai dating tips at how to find a Thai wife.

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